When you register with Tavvy, and once on your dashboard, click on ‘View Profile’ and you can update your profile by providing information about yourself, for students to access. Your registration, profile updates and listing as a Tutor on Tavvy website is instantaneous. You will be live on the website within minutes. Note that some personal information such as email address, phone number, uploaded degree certificate, your CV, bank/payment details etc will not be shown to the students but are for Tavvy’s internal consumption. Here are a few pointers to build a strong profile on Tavvy:

  • Languages - Tavvy is a global platform that attracts student from different parts of the world. Language is the key for communication during a session. Specifying languages that you speak fluently in your profile will enhance chances of connecting to the right students. The ‘search’ option with the language will also be enabled, for students, if you mention the languages you speak and write.

  • Degrees completed - make sure you state all the degrees you have completed and state them correctly e.g. write ‘Economics’ and not ‘Econ’, ‘Biochemistry’ and not ‘Biochem’. Students may want to know your subject speciality.

  • Subjects - make sure you clearly detail the curriculum that you are able to teach and within that the subjects that you are able to teach. Within this, please also state the age group of the students that you will be able to teach. This is the most important item that will help students search for tutors on Tavvy.

  • Profile Picture - Your profile picture is optional but another important part of your profile. Generally, people like to see whom they are connecting with. However, if there are any reservations or due to cultural sensitivities you would not like to add a photo, it’s fine. The picture along with your background information will increase your chances of connecting with prospective students.

  • Your 1000 words profile description - this is one of the most important parts of the profile. Students who connect with you like to know more about you and give a sense of comfort to the student that you are a subject matter specialist and experienced teacher who will not only quench their thirst for knowledge but can also guide them through any exams & tests.  Build an impactful 1000-words profile description that leaves a lasting perception on the student. Of course - be factual because Tavvy does regular audits and customer complaints are also taken seriously. A tutor could be frozen or in a worst-case scenario, a tutor’s profile could also be deleted for misrepresentation or fraud.

  • Video - A short 30-seconds video introducing yourself which will enhance your chances as well since it will give a good idea on your depth, accent and generally to create a better impression on students browsing for tutoring service.