Your Dashboard is probably the most important part of your journey with Tavvy. It not only provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators, upcoming sessions with schedule, completed sessions, shortlisted educators, sessions pending feedback, and transaction history it also allows you to search for Educators, edit your profile, send messages between your peers and educators. From within your Dashboard, you can also access your Workspace and your Calendar. A sample Student Dashboard is shown below. The numbers in the screenshot correspond to the list numbers below:


  1. Search for Educators - Using the search option is available in your Dashboard, you can search for Guides, Mentors or Tutors. You can narrow down the search result based on Specialization, University, Location, Curriculum, Subject and Language. A sample screenshot of the search results, based on filters, is shown below:

    From the Search results, you can add an educator to the Tavvy Cart or to the shortlist

  2. Help and Support - This option allows to access Tavvy Help and Support and Tavvy Community and Forums

  3. Tavvy Cart - The Tavvy Cart is like a shopping cart which shows all the sessions that you have selected, pending payment. To access your Tavvy Cart, click on the Tavvy cart icon  in your Dashboard. The superscript number indicates the number of items that are currently in your Tavvy Cart. A sample screenshot of the Tavvy Cart is shown below:

    Within your Tavvy Cart, you can :
    • Modify the number of hours for each selected session.
    • Select Subject for each of the selected Tutor.
    • Save the session for later.
    • Make payment for the selected sessions.
    • Select more Educators, to add to your cart, from the shortlisted list.
    • Remove a selected session / educator from the cart.

  4. Tavvy Wallet - The wallet icon in your Dashboard displays your total Credit Balance. Credit Balance is the sum total of the amount you have paid into your wallet as well as any refunds that may have been processed into your account. You ca use this credit balance to buy Tavvy services.

  5. Profile Menu - Using this menu you can access your Calendar, Workspace, Payment History, Session History, Public Profile, Settings to edit your profile and change your password, and Logout of your Dashboard. A sample Profile Menu is shown below:

  6. Workspace - Once you login to Tavvy as a Student, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. You can access your Workspace from your Dashboard. From within your Workspace, you can access your Contacts list, chat with your contacts and share files with your contacts.

  7. Calendar - The Calendar feature displays your scheduled sessions and helps you to keep track of your sessions. It allows you to view the schedule in different views including month, week, day and list.  A sample screenshot of the Week view of the Calendar is shown below:

  8. Key Performance Indicators - This section displays an overall view of Sessions bought, Sessions scheduled, and Sessions pending feedback.

  9. Profile Completeness - This section displays your profile completeness in percentage. Your profile has to be complete 100% so as to give your complete background to the educators. So this section serves as a reminder in case you haven’t completed your profile.

  10. Upcoming Session - This section lists all your upcoming sessions, along with the details of the session.

  11. Transaction History - Transaction History is a record of all the financial transactions, carried out in your account. The Transaction History displays the details of all the sessions including the educator name, number of hours bought from each educator, amount paid for the session, payment date, and payment status.

    You can view the summary (total amount spent) of an entire year in the Transaction History section in your Dashboard. Select the year from the dropdown list.

    To access your entire Transaction History, click View All.

  12. Shortlisted Educators - You may want to take up a session with an educator, not immediately, but at a later time. When you search for educators, you have the option to shortlist the educators, for future use. All of your shortlisted educators will be displayed under this section. To view details about an educator, click the View button against their name, in this section.

  13. Sessions - This section displays all of your Scheduled Sessions and the Pending Feedback Sessions. After each session is completed, you will prompted to give your feedback about the session and the educator. If you do not give your feedback, those sessions, along with the session details, will be displayed under the Pending Feedback Sessions.