You can request a refund if:

  1. Your scheduled session with a Tutor / Mentor / Guide does not take place due to a no-show by the educator.
  2. You reschedule your appointment 24 hours prior to your session and after 3 tries, the guide, mentor & tutor are not able to accept your re-schedule time request within their published calendars.

Please note that you will not get a refund or credit for partially used sessions. All partially used sessions will be considered as completed sessions. Subject to an audit, Tavvy may consider a refund or a session that was partially complete due to the issues of Tavvy platform or the mento/tutor/guide not completing his/her session. Refunds will only be made into your Tavvy wallet that can be used to purchase additional Tavvy sessions.

Note: In any scenario, the refund amount will not credited to your bank account, instead the amount will be credited to your wallet in your Tavvy Dashboard. You can use the credit balance to purchase services on Tavvy.