Your Dashboard is probably the most important part of your journey with Tavvy. It not only provides at-a-glance views of key performance indicators, upcoming sessions with schedule, completed sessions, pending schedule requests, and payment history but it also allows students to search for Educators, edit your profile, send messages between students and educators. From within your Dashboard, you can also access your Workspace and your Calendar. A sample Guide Dashboard is shown below. The numbers in the screenshot correspond to the list numbers below:

  1. Profile Menu - Using this menu you can access your Calendar, Workspace, Payment History, Session History, Public Profile, Settings to edit your profile and change your password, and Logout of your Dashboard. A sample Profile Menu is shown below:

  1. Help and Support - This option allows to access Tavvy Help and Support and Tavvy Community and Forums.

  1. Workspace - Once you login to Tavvy as a Guide, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. You can access your Workspace from your Dashboard. From within your Workspace, you can access your Contacts list, chat with your contacts and share files with your contacts. Your Tavvy Workspace works exactly like any other virtual co-working space. A virtual co-working space is not a physical place; instead it’s a network of a number of workplaces that are connected through the internet, to a common platform, which in this case is Tavvy. You can be present in any geographical location and connect to your prospective students, your current contacts and interact with them, through Tavvy. Through your Workspace, you can manage your contacts, exchange messages with your contacts and also share files with your contacts.

  1. Calendar - You can access your Calendar here. The Calendar displays your schedule showing your availability. Students will pick a slot from your calendar based on your availability. It helps you to keep track of your sessions and allows you to view the schedule in different views including month, week, day and list. A sample screenshot of the calendar is shown below:

  1. Profile Completeness - This section displays your profile completeness in percentage. Your profile has to be complete 100% for it to be listed on the Tavvy marketplace. So this section serves as a reminder in case you haven’t completed your profile.

  2. Payment History - This section displays the total payment you have received. Payment History is basically a record of all the financial transactions carried out in your account. To access your Payment History, click the Profile Menu and list select Payment History. In Payment History, you can view details including Student Name, Session ID, Session Date/Time, Amount, Payment Status and Payment Date. 

  1. Key Performance Indicators - This section displays an overall view of Total Earnings on Tavvy, Total Payments Received, Unpaid Amount, and Pending Schedule Requests.

  1. Upcoming Sessions - This section displays all your upcoming sessions.

  2. Sessions - This section displays all the sessions details including Student Name, Session Date/Time, Package, Status, and Action. To view the extensive list of all your sessions, click on View All Sessions, under this section.