Tavvy.com is a ‘Marketplace’ which provides three distinct online services namely University Guidance, University and Scholarship Application Mentoring and Tutoring. A Tavvy Guide is someone who is a University degree holder from any university globally and has registered with Tavvy after completing all the requirements on the platform. Since guides are alumni and have first-hand experience of the university and degree program they graduated in, they will be the best source of unbiased information for guiding/advising students to make an informed decision before they apply to a university of their choice. The Guide will explain and provide clarifications on every aspect of the admission process as well as provide answers to questions that a student may not necessarily find easily such as modules in a degree program, quality of lecturers, type of accommodation, amenities in the city of the university etc The university guide will help students (especially international students) by sharing their experiences and insights of the degree program and university. It includes things such as understanding the admission process for that university/degree program, scholarships available (if known), financial aid provided (if any), faculty, the university campus, boarding facilities within the campus and other residential options around the university. The Guide should also provide any other additional useful tips for international students applying for any type of program (undergraduate, postgraduate, phd, diploma, short courses etc). Hence, a Guide helps a student make an important educational decision that could define the student’s career and in return get paid for sharing his or her experiences, knowledge and insights.